Lilly's Answers!
So heya everyone!
Come chat with me sometimes. xP Ekas seems to make my internet go derp so i disappear alot. x.x

Hello everyone! How is everyone? Anyone wanna kiss? maybe a cuddle?

Do you still want your new furniture? (Ten points if you realize what I mean ;) )

I do want my new furniture… and maybe make a nail file for my toes…


Ok everyone, Eka’s seems to be down for me right now. x.x So… maybe i will go for a walk and sniff some flowers.

Hey, not really a question, but I'm glad to hear your wrist is healing well, and you've got a special event coming up for yourself. <3 I'm glad to hear you're doing well. =)

Thank you Miku. <3333333333

Why is your LillyTheLovely profil wiped complete?

Problems. Thats all. I will no longer use that alt. would do when you hate with all your heart one char from a player who you love with full heart? When you not want to talk with this char and the player keep do it and want that you like this char but you still refuse. How you would act?

I would let them keep that character because it made them happy.

So, My hand is healing faster…

….and my financial problems are taken care of. I was asked out to a date for 2 days from now by someone who i have a crush on. <3 And i will be on Ekas every once in awhile to check on yall.


Saya perv loli for Isa owo



Saya perv loli for Isa owo



Ok, I’m not exactly the happiest girl ever most of the time. I get a depressed side as well which is usually all the time. The chat rooms have been bringing this out more, why you may ask? Permavore. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE perma because it is the ultimate form of domination/Submission. I hate it because all it does is cause one friend to be mad at the other for allowing it and etc etc etc. I am personally SICK of it. ANyone else agree?